What is the SEA all about?

The Supported Employment Alliance (SEA), was founded in the spring of 2017 and developed as a barrier-free, collaborative network of supported employment services and programs for job seekers with disabilities operating across the GTA. The network has since grown to include dozens of service providers and programs operating across the GTA and into the surrounding regions. SEA meets bi-monthly to share best practices and information, network, hear from guest speakers (including employers, resource developers and others), and develop and execute projects spearheaded by committees formed for just this purpose. Our membership works together to support and promote workplace diversity and inclusion in partnership with various businesses, agencies and others.


Mission Statement

SEA represents an opportunity for improved collaboration among supported employment programs and services in the GTA and surrounding regions, as well as partnership opportunities both cross-sectoral and among members. SEA can be accessed by businesses seeking to engage the disability labour market as a resource, as well as act as a gateway for employers to connect with the various supported employment services available to assist with this and possess the labour pools to support it. SEA may also be utilized as an entity through which job seekers with disabilities can review and find information on a wide variety of supported employment services available to support them.

We invite anyone (businesses, resource developers, labour market experts, politicians and policy makers etc.), whom is connected to or would like to be involved with the field of supported employment to connect with us. We are always looking for new and insightful guest speakers, as well as partnership opportunities.


Vision Statement

The priority of the Supported Employment Alliance is to streamline supports and services to job seekers with disabilities who often face systemic obstacles to service access as additional barriers to employment.

We streamline services by enhancing collaboration between Employment Services and Employers through learning resources, by participating in, or leading initiatives that are targeted and outcomes based. 

We want to enrich and inspire a work ‘culture’ where the needs of people and businesses are both met and lead to opportunities where all contributions to the labour market are recognized as valuable and vital. 

We'd love to hear from you!

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