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Yes, we have a membership and you can join us! But you can also be a speaker, be a donor or share a job and recruit from the member’s talent pool.


What We Do


Utilize SEA as a viable single point of access to the disability labour market. SEA enables employers to access a diverse and substantial labour pool as represented by the labour pools associated with the individual members. Employers interested in increasing or enhancing the diversity of their workforce are encouraged to connect with us in order to solicit applicants to address their labour needs broadly or specifically, if they wish to refine the candidates referred to them. Employer engagement with the network is self-directed by the employer in order to facilitate the most desirable outcomes in the way which works best for the business. Employers may also join SEA as an active member, if they wish.


Service providers of any variety that are working towards the goal of greater labour market inclusion of job seekers with disabilities are invited to join SEA as active members of the network. All participation is voluntary, there are no membership fees, and you will be part of a growing network of supported employment programs operating in the GTA working to enhance and improve effective collaboration in the field. The network holds bi-monthly meetings, brings in a variety of guest speakers, and has various subcommittees working on projects with actionable outcomes to benefit the field and improve outcomes for job seekers with disabilities; we invite you to work with us!



We invite Government and media representatives to work with us to promote and increase the awareness of the inclusion of job seekers with disabilities in the labour market. We work with many employers who are demonstrating strong leadership in this area, our membership has numerous job seekers with success stories to tell, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Government or media representatives in order to promote our job seekers and employer partners.


We are always looking for innovative resource providers and creative guest speakers to present to the membership in our meetings. Resource providers will be able to present information to a captive audience of service providers who may benefit from access their resources; guest speakers are welcome from potential employers looking to connect with the disability labour market, business associations, government or funding bodies, media representatives and others that we can work with or learn from.  


Would you like to invest in SEA to help us grow or provide more resources to the membership to enhance the effectiveness of our work? Do you have ideas for how we can use your investment to make a difference for job seekers with disabilities? We want to hear from you!

Where are our Members?

Across Southern Ontario in: Burlington, Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Mississauga,Hamilton, Vaughan and North York!

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